Silicone Injection Molding Machine at Extreme Molding Warehouse in Watervliet NY

If you have an idea for a US manufactured product, your first step should be to research a US silicone injection molding company to start a partnership with. The company you decide to partner with for your product can make or break your manufacturing process. Before agreeing to a partnership, here are some of the top qualities to look for in a US silicone injection molding company. 

Women Owned and Operated

It has become more prominent than ever before, to support women owned and operated businesses. The engineering and manufacturing industry is an industry where the number of women leaders is growing quickly.  

Extreme Molding is one of the few U.S. molders that are women owned and operated. Co-founders, Lynn Momrow-Zielinski and Joanne Moon Duncan, founded Extreme Molding after having years of combined experience in silicones, medical device manufacturing, and the biomedical industry. 


When most companies look for a US silicone injection molding company to partner with, they want to partner with someone who practices sustainability. Sustainability in manufacturing is important because it can reduce costs, waste, and provide a competitive advantage over product competitors. Learn more about Extreme Molding’s sustainability practices. 

Knowledgeable Engineers

Another quality that you should look for when partnering with a US silicone injection molding company, is knowledge and expertise. You want to build a partnership with a company who has experience with your product industry and a wide range of materials. 

Extreme Molding has become leaders in the injection molding industry and experts in the markets or consumer products, healthcare products, pet products, and promotional products. About 10 percent of their staff is made up of knowledgeable engineers and is close in proximity to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. This is one of the nation’s premier engineering schools and ensures a steady flow of engineering talent for Extreme Molding into the future. 

Manufacturing Capabilities

When it comes to being a US Silicone Injection Molding company, there are many certifications and guidelines that you must meet and stay up to date with to maintain your reputation and competitive edge. You should always do research on a company’s manufacturing capabilities before deciding to partner with them on manufacturing your product. Learn more about Extreme Molding’s capabilities as leaders in injection molding. 

Problem Solving

The ability to problem-solve is another quality you should look for in a US silicone injection molding company. Good problem-solving skills can help get your product manufactured quickly and efficiently with as little bumps in the road as possible.  

At Extreme Molding, their problem-solving skills stem from the company’s experience with a wide range of high-performance specialty materials, using multiple molding methods, and modeling using the SOLIDWORKS CAD system. Their flexibility, responsiveness, and ability to work within tight schedules makes it easier to solve manufacturing problems that may arise. 

Reliable Partnership

Finally, when looking for top qualities in a US silicone injection molding company, you should always look for a partner that will be reliable. When doing business with any company, reliability is key. You want to be sure your partnership has the knowledge, time, and dedication to helping your product come to market and help your company grow.  

Extreme Molding values their long-lasting relationships with all of their partners. They partner with both small and large businesses throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. They work with their partners to offer advice on designs, materials, and packaging to make the process more streamlined. As a US silicone manufacturer, they have the time to spend with you and being in the same or a similar time zone makes communicating during the manufacturing process much easier. In recent years, Extreme Molding has even hosted a book club available to their partners featuring knowledgeable books on the industry and business growth books to encourage them to keep learning and growing. 

Looking for a US Silicone Injection Molding Company?

If you have a great idea for a US manufactured product, Extreme Molding can help bring it to life. Extreme Molding has extensive industry knowledge and can help you through the entire manufacturing process. From advising you through the mold sourcing process, to delivering your new product to customers, contact Extreme Molding to learn more about how they can help today!