Extreme Molding employee producing cost-effective injection molding products

Do you have a great idea for a new product? Before you start the process of developing your big idea, you might be asking yourself a few questions. The most important one being, how does one go about producing cost-effective injection molding products?  

At Extreme Molding, we work with our customers to help create high quality, cost-effective injection molding products throughout all stages of development and manufacturing. There are a few specific factors that our team focuses on while bringing your product to market that will help to keep your injection molding product at a reasonable cost.  

Size and Complexity

The first area to examine when producing cost-effective injection molding products, is the size and complexity of the product’s design during product development. Larger parts and designs require larger molds during production. This increases the cost for the injection molding process. Aside from the size, complexity is also a factor to consider. Products that have a more complex design will end up being more expensive to produce in the long run. When we start our partnership, the Extreme Molding team will request CAD files of your product design. When we review these files, our team will offer suggestions for improving design for manufacturability to help with producing your cost-effective injection molding products.  

State-of-the-art Equipment

When manufacturing and type of product, you want high-quality equipment to ensure an efficient process. At Extreme Molding we have state-of-the-art machines and equipment to help produce your injection molding products. With a unique mix of smart machines and skilled engineers we implement automation, when possible, to streamline the manufacturing process.  

USA Manufacturing vs Manufacturing Overseas

Another way of producing cost-effective injection molding products is by going with a USA manufacturer. Reshoring your injection molding products can help minimize transportation costs and increase the quality of your overall product.  

Manufacturing Partnership

Overall, the key to producing cost-effective injection molding products is by having a successful partnership with your US injection molding manufacturer. By working with Extreme Molding, we help you through every step of the injection molding process, from a design idea to manufacturing and bringing it to market. Along the way we offer suggestions for cutting costs whenever possible and remaining as transparent as possible about the manufacturing process.

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