Does your business view problems as opportunities for growth? Are you encouraged to learn something new each day? Are you comfortable with being uncomfortable and not afraid to make a mistake? If you answered yes to these questions, you are fortunate to be a part of an organization that operates with a growth mindset.

Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck has researched 20 years on growth vs. fixed mindsets and their workplace impact. Workers and organizations with a fixed mindset focus on getting approval, while those with a growth mindset focus on learning and the belief that you can grow and improve. It is easy to see how a growth mindset facilitates success.

Mindset is everything-fish with shark fin

Next time you find yourself getting  frustrated when you are struggling with a problem at work, stop and reframe your attitude to see the situation as an opportunity to learn. If you make a mistake, view it as a learning opportunity.

Set a goal to read more books in and out of work. Listen to TED talks on subjects that will grow your aptitudes. Consider a LinkedIn Learning subscription. Attend a minimum of one training course per year aimed to expand your workplace skills. When you return, share what you learned with your co-workers.

At Extreme Molding, we thrive on challenges, which is one of the keys to our success. We have a leadership book club that encourages our team to learn and grow continually. We believe in our ability to solve problems and be better today than we were yesterday.

Fostering a growth mindset in the workplace starts with the leadership of the organization. If you would like to learn more, I suggest you read “Mindset, The New Psychology of Success” by Carol Dweck. As we start 2021, ensuring you approach life and work with a growth mindset is a worthy goal!

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